Brooklyn Cup Adult Tennis Challenge


Send registration requests to

Ladder Rules

If the players agree before the match or you are limited to 1-hour of court time, an 8-game pro set can be used for scoring. The rules for an 8-game pro set are as follows:

  • A total of 8 games are played
  • Use no-ad scoring . After deuce, next point wins.
  • If the score is tied after 8 games at 4-4, play a standard 12 point tie-breaker.
  • If the match is ended because of a time restriction, then the score at the conclusion is the score for the match. 

Additional guidelines

  • Allow 10 minutes of warm-up before the match begins
  • Each person brings a can of tennis balls. If one player forgets,  he or she is responsible for reimbursing the other player for any additional balls that need to be used.
  • Each player has one 'wildcard' challenge, which allows the player to challenge anyone on the ladder



  • The fee for registration is $40. Make checks payable to Junior Tennis Clinic.
  • Send payment to:

Junior Tennis Clinic
185 Hall Street, Apt 815
Brooklyn, NY 11205