The mission of the Brooklyn Youth Tennis Association is to help young people develop into socially responsible, well-rounded, engaged citizens by providing quality free and low-cost tennis instruction that promotes physical fitness and mental alertness. BYTA develops school partnerships that encourage and support academic achievement.


Mel Swanson, Founder

Evelyn Swanson, Chief Officer

Leonard Mendez, Tennis Coach

T.J. Clark, Tennis Coach


The Brooklyn Youth Tennis Association was founded by Mel Swanson, who has taught tennis around New York City for the past thirty years. He is also founding director of JTCNY (Junior Tennis Clinic) and BJTC (Brooklyn Junior Tennis Clinic). BYTA is committed to providing youth communities around Brooklyn with tennis instruction and excellence in fitness education. It is a volunteer program under New York City Service.

Registration for 2017 tennis classes at P.S. 270, 

ages 10 and under, now open!